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The Health Benefits of Using an Ergonomic Chair

Spinal misalignments can cause more than just neck and back pain. Proper spinal alignment is essential for total body health.

Chronic low back pain is on the rise, with over 80% of the Americans experiencing back pain at any given time. Back and neck pain is the second most cause of disability in adults, and the cause of an estimated 149 million lost work days per year.

If you are like the majority of Americans, you sit in an office chair for hours on end without regular breaks and stretching. Long seated hours can create health issues.

But have no fear, the perfect chair is here.

The ergonomic chair can be an incredible asset to your spinal health. A healthy spine lends itself to less back and neck pain. Improving your alignment during the hours at your desk can improve your health and also your productivity.

Here are 5 major reasons to use this chair:

1. It’s Made for You

Like a glove, the chair is made to fit you. This chair is designed to support and optimize your seated position. You can adjust the chair to find the optimal position for your body type and back alignment.

Adjustability in height and back support can make your hours of sitting less painful. Lumbar support paired with vertical and horizontal custom adjustments will make all the difference in how your back feels.

No health solution can be one-size-fits-all, and neither is the ergonomic chair. A great way to test if a chair is perfect for you is to give it a trial run. When selecting your perfect chair, sit in it for 20 minutes and carefully note how your body responds.

2. Helps Your Posture

Good posture can greatly reduce neck and back pain. A good chair will force better posture onto you while you sit. By adjusting the chair to fit your height and weight, the chair will alleviate aggravation in your spine through proper posture.

3. You’ll Save with an Ergonomic Chair

Workplace injuries happen every day. Companies spend hours and copious amounts of money getting their workers back in working order after an injury.

Though the cost of a special chair may be off-putting at first, it will absolutely save you in the long run. Maintaining spinal health on a daily basis will prevent further injuries, doctor visit, and medication costs.

4. You’re Supported

Lumbar support is largely what makes an ergonomic chair so special. This massive benefit of the chair can be a huge asset to a company or person. Lumbar support can substantially reduce neck and back pain.

What’s more? You can customize the lumbar support to fit your needs. With regular Chiropractic adjustments and proper support, your pain can be greatly reduced if not completely solved.

5. Circulation

Most chairs inhibit proper blood flow and circulation. Ergonomic chairs are customized in a way that allows your legs to stay at 90-degree angles to allow for proper circulation.


The customization abilities of an ergonomic chair have outstanding health benefits like no other office chair. The support, circulation efficiency, fit and long-term cost are all reasons to use this chair for your seated hours at work.

Pair your new chair with regular Chiropractic treatments, and you’ll be feeling pain-free and productive in no time.

Another great option that is gaining popularity is to implement a sit-stand option desk.

If your employer requires a medical letter of necessity to have these steps implemented, Elite Spine and Health Center is more than happy to do that for you.

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