How To Avoid the Most Common Sports Injuries

How To Avoid the Most Common Sports Injuries

Physical activity is an essential ingredient in keeping your body functioning properly for a variety of reasons, including keeping a healthy weight, preventing many diseases and other health conditions, improving mood, and boosting energy. These benefits are gained from things like regular exercise and participating in sports.

However, there are many injuries common to intense physical activity, so proper physical movement and sticking to specific habits can help avoid dealing with them. To explore the best ways to protect yourself, let’s examine some common injuries and how you can prevent them.

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Common injuries

Inactivity, not warming up before engaging in exercises, and playing regular sports are all things that increase the risk of injury. They can lead to a variety of different physical ailments, such as:

Methods of prevention

Here are some basic tips on how to prevent injuries:

Proper conditioning

This means warming up before you exercise, and train as much as needed for whatever regimen or sport you are about to engage in. Warmups can get your cardiovascular system going, increase range of motion, and get you nice and limber for your regimen or event.

Wear proper gear

Equipment like pads, guards, helmets, and gloves can protect parts of your body prone to injury. Make sure you’re wearing equipment that fits properly and remember they are for protecting everyone.


Getting proper rest allows your body to convalesce and heal so you can get back into the game in better health and in better spirits. Rest is vital to training, and being intensely active while tired or hurting only increases the risk of getting injured. 

A history of injuries can lead to dealing with chronic pain, so warming up will help reduce risks and being mindful of possible injuries will help you be more cautious while active. Stretching and exercises after intense activity can also help your body cool down. 

Injuries from physical activity are very common, but you can avoid them, and we can help. Make an appointment with Drs. Cheong, Broome, Madrid, and Elite Spine and Health Center today to get help avoiding injuries and staying healthy while being active. 

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