How Regular Chiropractic Care Can Improve Your Posture and Your Life

How Regular Chiropractic Care Can Improve Your Posture and Your Life

Whether you stub your toe, get a headache, fall on the floor, or get injured in an accident, there are a multitude of ways to find yourself in pain. Chronic pain is what happens when the pain persists even after the injury has healed, and one out of six Americans deal with it daily from a number of different conditions. Chronic pain can also affect the body in other ways, including affecting just about every organ over time and shortening life expectancy.

There are several treatments to help manage chronic pain, but chiropractic care is a solution that can provide relief without relying on medications or invasive procedures to get results. To explore the benefits of this method of treatment, let’s examine what chiropractic care is, the benefits you can get from its use, and the methods used to make you feel better.

If you live in the Houston or Spring, Texas, area and you’re dealing with chronic pain, Drs. Billy Cheong, Kesia Broome, Elias Madrid, Theresa Shaw, and the skilled team at Elite Spine and Health Center can help you find relief.

What is chiropractic care?

This is a form of manual treatment that compliments other methods of reducing pain by manipulating joints and realigning your spine. These spinal and joint manipulations are used to help correct how joints and other parts of the body function, specializing in treating your musculoskeletal system and related tissue where a lot of lasting chronic pain happens as a result of repetitive, age-related, or blunt injuries.

What are its benefits on my health?

While many people may think of this form of care as just spinal adjustments and helping your posture, manually working the joints and related tissues of your spine can yield a number of benefits:

Reducing reliance on medications

Painkillers like opioids and other pain relievers have been in common use for years to manage pain, but in many cases they come with a separate set of complications and dangers that may make them less than desirable for offering relief. We can help you feel better without using any drugs.

Easing osteoarthritis symptoms

Arthritis is a common source of joint pain, and as you get older, osteoarthritis becomes a bigger cause for concern because it can damage the cartilage and other tissue in your joints. Our methods can help relieve symptoms of these forms of joint inflammation and slow down the progression of the condition on your joints.

Improving physical performance

Athletes frequently deal with chronic pain, as well as people who engage in other intense physical activities, including regular exercise and heavy lifting for work. Injuries from any of these activities can reduce the mobility of joints and make it harder for you to move properly. Joint and spinal manipulation can help a great deal to restore function and get you back to your normal routine.

Improving neck and back pain

Spinal manipulation is a popular tool for relieving chronic back and neck pain due to poor posture and other conditions that affect your spine. Studies show that this method is highly effective at providing relief without reliance on other methods.

What methods do they use?

There are several ways to help your body through chiropractic care, including:

We also offer functional medicine and nutritional guidance to help improve your overall health and help to reduce inflammation from your injuries. So if you’re looking for a solution to your chronic pain problems that works without medications or surgery, contact Drs. Cheong, Broome, Madrid, Shaw, and Elite Spine and Health Center today to find the methods that work for you.

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