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FALL in Love With Running

Fall is here and the temperature is dropping, which calls for amazing running weather! Here are some quick tips if you are a beginner level runner.

Get fitted

Avoid injury by wearing the correct running shoe. Pay a visit to your local running store such as Fleet Feet. They will analyze your gait and recommend the proper shoe.

Join a Group
When you run with a group, it brings out the best in you. Motivation, inspiration, accountability, and commitment is what you’ll get out of it. It’s also a great way to meet new friends! Try Runner’s High Club!  They will set you up with a coach/group based on the level of running you are at. There are a ton of other running clubs all throughout Houston and most of them are great as well!

Have a Plan 
Don’t just get up one day and start running! Running at a level you are not properly conditioned for can lead to serious injury. You must have a plan and a goal. A great way to start is to do a run/walk interval training.

Get Acclimated
It’s the most challenging when you start any exercise regimen. DON’T GIVE UP! Your body needs to get acclimated before feeling stronger. You will have to fight through fatigue, soreness, and even minor injuries (which you shouldn’t ignore). Once you start to feel the benefits of running, you will see that it’s all worth it.

Stay Fueled and Hydrated
It is important to eat 200-400 calories of mostly complex carbs with a little protein and at least 20 oz of water 1.5-2 hours prior to your run. This time will allow your body to hydrate and digest before the run so you can use it for fuel. Some foods I like to eat are yogurt and granola or an English muffin with peanut butter. Make sure to drink electrolytes for runs longer than 45-60 minutes.  After your run, it’s important to consume nutrients within 45 minutes to help recover your muscles.

Warm up 
A simple 5 minute walk is sufficient to get your body warmed up. Save the static stretches and foam rolling for after your run.

Get in-tune with your body
Listen to your body. If you’re sore or in pain, DON’T RUN. Common running injuries are Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendinitis, Patellar Tendinitis, IT Band Syndrome, and other various Knee/Hip/Ankle pain. Elite Spine and Health Center specializes in all of these injuries so stop by and we’ll take care of you! Make sure to get plenty of rest. Your body creates micro-tears in your soft tissues when you run. This is a normal process, but your body needs rest to repair.

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