5 Signs Your Spine Needs a Y Strap Adjustment

5 Signs Your Spine Needs a Y Strap Adjustment

If you’ve consistently visited a chiropractor you know the necessity of getting adjusted. 

Adjustments provide many health benefits including body health, decrease in pain, and improvements in performance. Chiropractic care has been around since 1895, but the development of the strap adjustment as only recently seen a jump in use and popularity. 

Social media platforms have capitalized on the use of the strap in video content.

The mechanism looks unique and usually results in a pleasing crack/pop of the individual. So what is a y strap adjustment and how does it work to adjust the spine? 

We’re going to discuss the ins and outs of the strap and five signs you need this type of spinal adjustment. 

What is the Y Strap Adjustment? 

The y strap gets its name from the adjustment of the y-axis where the force takes place on the body. The strap is fastened to an individual’s head using a small adjuster and chin strap for safety. From that, two arms lead to a handlebar that is used by the adjuster during the session. 

The strap works to stretch the spine by pulling the head along the y-axis of the body. This slow stretching movement, also known as high-velocity, low amplitude (HVLA), is the applied adjustment to the individual. 

The procedures result in a quick decompression of the vertebrae discs and mobilization of the spine in a straight angle. 

1. Chronic Pain

The number one reason people visit the chiropractor is due to chronic pain in different areas of the body. 

Pain stemming from the spine would give an individual good reason to want to purse the strap adjustment method. Adjustments provide a solution to individuals who turn to painkillers on a regular basis. 

Pain or an injury to your spine or other areas of your body could need to be adjusted. If chronic pain is truly due to an alignment issue, the constant movement of the body will only make the pain worse.

2. Sudden or Sharp Pains

A derailment of your day can come from sharp pains in the spine. 

Sharp pains are generally a sign that something is wrong. The adjustment of your spine will help balance the body. Moving various tendons, ligaments, and muscles into the correct positioning is important to fixing these sharp pains. 

Your spine is surrounded by receptors that send pain signals to the brain. Regardless of the issue, inflammation, sharp pains, join restrictions, or general dysfunctions can be fixed with an adjustment.

3. Improve Athletic Performance

Athletes rely on their bodies to function on time and with high levels of performance. 

If you’re worried about the performance of your extremities, regular adjustments can be helpful. Chiropractic work like y strap adjustments provides increased flexibility, strength, coordinator, and speed. 

A functional body leads to success in your sport. There are hundreds of thousands of athletes that look to chiropractic care to fix nagging issues they deal with over the course of their careers. Whether that’s team doctors or other individuals they trust.

You’re also at less risk for injury if you’re under care. Make sure you’re functioning the right way before pushing your body as athletes do daily. 

4. 48-Hour Rule

Adjustments don’t need to happen immediately. One of the best rules of thumbs to follow is the 48-hour rule. 

This means tracking the progress and effects of your pain over a 48-hour period. Most of the time if an injury is nagging or persisting longer than 48-hours it should be assessed by a professional. 

If you’ve ever played sports, you know the old saying, “Are you hurt, or are you injured?” 48 hours is usually enough time to understand where you sit on that spectrum. If you’re an athlete, there is an understanding of soreness that comes with the profession.

Regardless, you need to give yourself time. 

If your body keeps sending you signals, something is wrong. The longer you go without proper adjustments or treatments the worse off you’ll be. Establishing and listening to this 48-hour rule can help you determine what problems are more serious thanks others, 

5. Preventative Care

It’s called preventative care for a reason. You don’t have to have something wrong with you to get a y strap adjustment. In fact, it’s encouraged to look into chiropractic care before it gets worse.

Chiropractic work is defined as preventative care, but what does this mean? Preventative care is defined as the measures taken before an issue occurs with our bodies. A chiropractor’s job doesn’t begin with fixing an issue although we may believe that’s where it stems from.

We’re meant to view a y strap adjustment or other forms of adjustments as preventative care before or to limit something before it does go wrong.  

Just like eating the right foods, y strap adjustments and chiropractic care go hand in hand with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Trusted Houston Provider

Y strap adjustments are necessary when it comes to chronic spine and back problems. Preventative care like chiropractic work can help an individual have a better life overall.

Now that you know all the benefits of this type of work, where can you go to receive excellent care?

Trust Elite Spine Houston. Our goal is to provide elite care for your spine and body. This health solution is tailored to your needs regardless of what they are.

Our hope is that we change the way you live your life after solving chronic and nagging issues. Give us a call today and start your journey to a solution for the betterment of your health.

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