5 Active Tips When Training For A Triathlon

Training for a triathlon is far from easy; even professional athletes and the most seasoned weekend warriors can struggle with the intense and varied regimen associated with the competition.

If you’re working on competing in a triathlon, you’ll need to train hard and train smart. Here are our five favorite tips for training in the most effective way possible.

Diet Is Important While Training For A Triathlon

If you’re not eating healthy, you can kiss your successful triathlon goodbye.

Don’t just eat healthy on the day of your triathlon. One day of good eating won’t make up for weeks and months of pizza and wings.

More importantly, not eating right means not having the energy to get in shape for your workout.

If you’re thinking about running a triathlon, chances are you know the diet rules for endurance: diet is obviously deeply personal, but there are also some basic rules. Eat the right macronutrients and eat the right things at the right time.

Your diet is the building block of your body, and your body is the instrument of your triathlon. So make sure you take it seriously.

Master The Brick

Psychological endurance is everything when training for a triathlon. The feeling of getting to the end of one hard workout and the beginning of another can break even the toughest of athletes.

Because of that, you need to master something called the brick. A brick is doing two triathlon exercises in a row. For instance, going for a run and then a swim or a swim and then a bike ride can help prepare you for the intensity of a triathlon.

Any endurance competition is about more than just physical endurance. Oftentimes, the brain is the first muscle to run out of gas.

So make sure your work outs prepare you for the road ahead.

Work With A Trainer

Personal trainers are useful for everyone from professional athletes to average joes recovering from golf injuries. So it should come as no surprise that a trainer can help you prepare for a triathlon.

But you shouldn’t just see any trainer: different personal trainers have different specialties. Just like a Judo Instructor can’t help an NBA player, you should see a trainer who specializes in training endurance athletes.

Seeing the right trainer at the right time can really help you get your work out in order.

Don’t Be Afraid of a Short Workout

Oftentimes, people think the only work out worth doing is an hour or longer. Unfortunately, that just isn’t the case.

Short workouts shouldn’t be the only thing you’re doing, but you should absolutely enjoy a combination of short and long workouts to train.

Know What To Do If You Get Injured

If you get injured during a workout, you need to go to the right people to get your training back on track.

And if you’re in the Houston area, there’s nobody better than Elite Spine and Health Center.

We work with everyone from athletes to regular office workers to provide them the Chiropractic care and Sports Rehab they need to get themselves back on track.

If you’re training for a triathlon, you can’t spend too much time in recovery. So make an appointment with us to help speed up your recovery and increase your performance!

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